Time to Re-Assess

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been battling the black dog a bit the past few days. It’s purely chemical, and will pass in time, but it’s at times like this that the things that bother me, frustrate me or make me angry, bubble to the surface, so it pays to lay those things out in front of me a bit and examine them, to see if I can improve on them at all.

One of the things that has been high on the irritation factor lately has been the behaviour exhibited by several people on Twitter.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter, have made some amazing friends and had some incredible experiences. I have been taking a bit of a break for a few days, because I was feeling low and didn’t want to irritate anyone with my blah mood, but I am looking forward to jumping back in when I’m feeling a bit more robust. I’ve missed quite a few people while I’ve been on this hiatus.

However, I have realised it’s time for a rethink on how I have been using Twitter. Up until now, I’ve been casting my Twitter net far, wide and deep. Which has brought me some amazing people to talk to and meet in real life too. However, the downside of casting that net out so broadly and deeply is you also pick up a lot of fish that are not at all pleasant. What’s worse, is sometimes it’s really, really hard to disentangle those nasty fish from the net and chuck ’em back. Which means they spoil the experience and take up valuable time from the tasty fish.

Unfortunately, the internet, and therefore Twitter, can be a great enabler of bad behaviour. Where face-to-face you have to deal with the consequences of your behaviour pretty quickly, online you can throw out any old statement, behaviour or attitude and you don’t get to see the consequences. Needless to say, those people in the world who are arseholes LOVE this, and rely on it to be able to perpetuate their arsehole behaviour. This is not unique to Twitter understand, but as it’s the broadest interface I have been using for connecting with new people, it’s where I’ve seen it displayed the most of recent times.

Some of the behaviour types that have been bothering me the most include:

· The Passive Aggressive – people who are too cowardly to say anything up front, broadcast out snarky messages to everyone when it’s very clear who the intended recipient is.

· The “But I’m KIDDING!” – Behaving in badly and then claiming they’re “Just being facetious.” when they’re called on it. No you’re not, you’re being a fuck. Own it.

· The Judgemental – The level of intolerance has really astonished me. And it’s not the usual offenders of the highly conservative either. I can’t believe how vicious some people can be to those who are different to them – as if they’d accept anyone behaving in that manner towards them, but they’re quite happy to give it out.

· The Bitch – not just women. It’s the snarky comments and put downs.

· The Bully – the old “Hey everyone, look at so-and-so said! Let’s all point and laugh!” style. Fight your own battles.

· The Superiority Complex. There are a lot of people out there that feel that they’re better than others. They’re not.

· The Narcissist. Ever see that scene in Beaches when Bette Midler’s character says “But enough about me, let’s talk about you. How do you feel about me?” Oh how those people love online communities. Because they can always get validation from someone to say “But you’re awesome!” and feed their ego. So they spend their whole time saying things like “I suck.” So every conversation turns to them.

· The Drama Queen/King – instead of just opting out of the conversation, unfollowing or skimming, they chime in with a big “OMG!! Everyone is FIGHTING!! Oh I can’t handle it!” whenever anyone has a good debate. Closely related to the Narcissist, they have to make every discussion directly about them.

· The Wannabe – these people believe they’re intended for Internet Fame. They friend everybody, but only talk to those they think are going to make them appear more interesting and bring them more followers. If they ask a question and people respond, they only reply to those who they think are “awesome enough”.

· The False Networker – again, these friend everybody, but only so their follow count looks big and if someone is of use to them, then they’ll interact. Otherwise they just ignore most people.

· The Pick Up Artist – they’re looking for a root. They only want to interact with you if they fancy you or one of your friends.

· The Barnacle – these people just cannot let go. If someone dares to disagree with them, or there is some kind of dispute, they might unfollow, but they spend the rest of their time dropping hints about “certain people” and “remember that incident”. Other people in genuine concern then mention it to those “certain people”, which is exactly what the Barnacle wants. You just can’t shake a fucking Barnacle.

I’m sure there are more. These are the ones I find give me the shits more than any others.

So in light of that, I’m having a re-think of how I use Twitter. I have two accounts. One of which I am going to lock down now, after clearing out all of the extraneous accounts I follow that either fill my feed with irrelevant crap, narcissism or drama. This will be my private account and only people I trust will be welcome.

My other account will be opened up and I’ll follow all the local event accounts, work related stuff and people I don’t know yet. This account won’t get as much attention as the private one, but it will be where I get to know the character of people before I bring them close. That way I can hopefully filter out all of those personality types above.

It sucks that one has to put so much energy into directing something as simple as Twitter, but unfortunately there are a lot of unhealthy people out there who clearly don’t have enough of a life to live that they have to create drama, bad vibes and falseness to the rest of us who just are who we are and genuinely want to interact.

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A Post for the Guys…

This post is especially for the guys. I would like to ask you all to please go and read this article:

On Being a No-Name Blogger Using Her Real Name – Kate Harding

Ladies may read it as well, but I wager it’s all nothing you haven’t heard or thought before.

I am not using my real name. However many of you know my real name, or I have enough information on here for anyone who knows me, to know that this is my blog. I did have my real name on my Twitter too but changed that, however I use my first name regularly there. I have toyed with using my real name everywhere, as I really want to be transparent in my blogging/tweeting etc, I want my name to be connected to my writing, but I have had some troubling experiences in the life of my blogging. I have been lucky so far, I’ve not had anything truly frightening, but I have had some upsetting experiences.

However I don’t want those to take my joy of writing, tweeting, sharing photos and videos away from me. I want to stay transparent and open, I’m proud of that. I want to share my experiences and the wisdom I gain along the way, and dammit my opinions too.

So that’s why I’m asking particularly the guys to read the Kate Harding article linked above. Because when you fellas let it slide when some douchebag makes our lives miserable, or insults us, or “drunk tweets” feral sexual comments about us, or harasses us in blog comments, or rolls their eyes when we get upset about something and so on, you’re giving those misogynistic fuckers the message that it’s ok. And that encourages them to take it to the next step, and the next, and beyond.

But I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those men who DO stand up and say “Oi, that’s not right.” when these things happen. I would like you to know how much it matters to women when you do that. Not just because you’re seen as being on our side, but because it gives us a feeling that we are safer having your support. That not every man is out to crush us down, shut us up, force us into our “place”. That there is hope for change for women who wish to be seen, who don’t want to be invisible.

So thank you.

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Things on Twitter that Give Me the Shits

I’ve had a yucky day. Mostly because I’m unwell (nothing serious, just ick, you know?) and some work crap is bothering me. So I’m going to be totally self-indulgent and have a rant about things that shit me on Twitter*. No, these are not rules or guidelines or what everyone should do. they are things that shit ME, and I am allowed to be shit by things. Get comfy. Or bugger off if you’re easily offended. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  1. Twittascope. It’s spam. Turn that shit off.
  2. Those quiz things. That shit belongs on Facebook where I can hide it.
  3. People with no avatar picture. I hate that brown and blue default o_O thing. It’s rude, put a picture up there. I don’t care what it is. You, your cat, a flower, a cartoon, just put SOMETHING there so you have identification.
  4. People using the C word. I am the swearin’ librarian, and I can swear with the best of ’em (here, have a “fuck”, just for the fun of it), but the C word is really misogynistic and has no masculine equivalent. I just hate it.
  5. Links posted with no explanation as to what they are. Stick your rickrolling up your arse.
  6. Boring people who tweet the same thing every day, or that I can tell what day of the week it is by what they’re tweeting. They may as well be saying “It’s Tuesday, I had meatloaf, same as last Tuesday”. Zzzzz!
  7. Got no location or bio in your profile? Piss off! I’d rather you just put your country if you don’t want to put your home town.
  8. When people piss all over avatar colours or twibbons that are symbols of goodwill, when they’re doing fuck all for any causes themselves.
  9. Constant spammy links to articles about your spiritual beliefs (or lack of them). Stop trying to convert me.
  10. ANY tweets that are denigrating to anyone else’s spiritual belief (or lack of them).
  11. People who shit all over those who post pictures of their cat/kids/pet rock. So what if you’re not interested, unfollow. Some of us LIKE cute baby/pet pics.
  12. When people bitch about twitter competitions. They’re usually the same people posting three hundred spammy links to some anti-religion site or three hundred articles about how Apple is better than Microsoft.
  13. Apple haters.
  14. Microsoft haters
  15. Haters.
  16. Those who excuse disgusting behaviour through tweets as “Oh he was drunk.”
  17. Those who shit on newbies. Everyone was new at some stage, and the whole point of social media is through SHARING.
  18. If someone is innocently doing something that is poor form, just tell them. If they continue to do it, THEN get snarky.
  19. Baying for blood. Put the flaming torches down people.
  20. Passive aggressive bullshit.
  21. Cliques
  22. Those who pick on the odd typo or spelling mistake. It’s fucking Twitter, not a thesis. (I will admit that every tweet having spelling mistakes or typos does wear a bit thin though).
  23. People who are not famous (ie Stephen Fry or Nathan Fillion) but think they are too important to respond when asked a question, or acknowledge someone who answers their question.
  24. Social media experts.
  25. Any kind of experts.
  26. Businesses that have Twitter accounts and then ignore people who tweet to them.
  27. Businesses that spam with constant links to their products.
  28. Meatmarket tweets. All that shit about girlpashing and photos of their tits and trying to get into each other’s pants. Take it to the Normanby you lot.
  29. Lurkers.
  30. Folks worrying about the number of people who follow them. Or folks touting how to get more followers. The numbers don’t matter. How you engage and connect with people does.
  31. Shitting on other people’s music/movie/book/whatever taste because you think your taste is “better/more important”. It’s not, get over it.
  32. Bitchiness. Sneering. It doesn’t make you look cool or funny. You just look like a prick.
  33. Superiority complexes. “Well I knew all about it, I can’t possibly understand how YOU didn’t”.
  34. Constant “Fuck my life!” tweets trying to gain attention. Everyone goes through tough patches and your Twitter buddies are there for you when you need to vent or feel crap. But when all you do is moan for attention, it’s pathetic. Particularly if you’re never there for others in return.
  35. Getting involved in other people’s discussions when you’re not even talking about the same thing as they are. Jump on in if you’re on topic, but leave people alone if you’re on a tangent!
  36. Posting things that are Not Safe For Work without an NSFW warning.
  37. RACISM. Not acceptable, EVER.
I am sure there is a lot more (that’s a lot already, I know!) but I’ve had my rant and I feel better now. It’s been a bitch of a day, I needed that.
Again, these are not “rules” for Twitter, they’re things that just shit me personally (and make me unfollow usually).
*note: if I am following you on Twitter, this is NOT about you. I unfollow people who shit me.

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Black Sheep are Still Sheep

Most of you know that I am an avid Twitter user, or “tweeter” in the lingo of Twitter.  I’ve been on it for a year or something, I don’t remember because I joined up and then kind of ignored it for a bit, then when a friend got into it, I started to use it more and was hooked.  I love how it opens up new worlds to me, brings me new and interesting things to explore and I meet lots of cool new people.  Both on Twitter and in real life, since I’ve been going along to the BTUB (Brisbane Twitter User Brigade) get togethers.


Even if you’re not a Twitter user, you probably have heard about the whole business with Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) setting a challenge to beat CNN to 1 million followers.  At first it started out as a fun thing he did, saying he was going to ding dong ditch Ted Turner if he got to a million followers before CNN, but it took off so huge (mostly because people love the idea of Ted Turner being ding dong ditched) Ashton realised the power of what he was doing, and decided to take it somewhere productive.  Not only did he put a philanthropic purpose behind it (offered to buy 10,000 mosquito nets for a charity) but also he realised the change in communication that the internet and sites like Twitter can have, because one person (ie Ashton himself) can have as much of a voice as a whole media network, CNN.
It went very huge very quickly, and then Oprah asked to interview Ashton, and she joined Twitter, and of course now it’s just exploding all over the place.
This draws me to the purpose of this particular blog post.  With the whole Ashton/CNN/Oprah thing, there has been a lot of talk on Twitter over the past 48 hours about how Twitter now sucks and people are leaving because Oprah is on it, and some loser posted a blog about how yesterday was “the day that Twitter died” and so on.
I couldn’t believe it, and to be honest, I still can’t.  I can’t get over how some people are so pretentious they would actually stop using a site/service because it has gone “mainstream”.  I can’t get over how people actually think that Twitter is going to hell in a handbasket just because the popular media is interested in it, and a lot more people are joining it.
Admittedly, because of the massive influx of new users, there have been some technical hitches with Twitter, mostly time lags in the posts or “tweets” showing up, and a few times it has been over capacity and stuff, but mostly it’s holding up alright.
I do think that the extra activity on Twitter is only going to work in all users favour technologically speaking, because it gives the folks behind Twitter the clout (and finances) to upgrade their service.  The more that use it, the more successful the service is and the better they can offer.
It amazes me that there are people who leave a service claiming it has been “overrun with sheep”, yet their behaviour is just as sheep like as anyone else’s.  They’re the ones who will only be involved if something isn’t mainstream.  They’re the ones making an exodus when something changes.
I guess these are the same people who announce that they only listen to “alternative” music.  Alternative to what?  Oh I get you, you only listen to music that isn’t popular.  Music that is “cool”.  Right.  And who decides that it meets the “alternative” criteria?
Look, there is no-one holding a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to follow Oprah or Ashton or anyone else.  If you’re not into the whole pop culture thing, if mainstream bothers you, then don’t follow those people.  That’s the beauty of Twitter and the internet in general.  You choose what interests you, and you spend your time using those things, reading those blogs, following those tweeters, etc.  If you want to be all edgy and alternative, then hang out with other people you consider edgy and alternative.
Don’t hang shit on people who have different taste to you, because that’s all it is, their taste.  Nobody should ever apologise for their taste in music, movies, television, books, internet stuff, whatever.  What you like, and what interests you is yours and nobody can tell you it’s less worthy than anyone else’s.  Besides, with the internet, you will ALWAYS find someone else who is interested in the same stuff as you, regardless of how obscure your taste is.
Follow me on Twitter.

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Thankful Sunday

Another week has rolled around yet again, and we’re back to Sunday night.

As you may have seen by my earlier posts, I had a rough week this week.  It’s been really hard to kick the black dog into submission after having some shitty things happen, but I feel I’m starting to turn a corner.
So, what am I thankful for?
I had a great time at the BTUB (Brisbane Twitter group) meet up at New Farm park yesterday.  The lovely @shique organised to have cupcakes for us all to snack on, and boy were they gorgeous!  Just take a look.
Pretty special hey?  There were also some amazing red velvet ones, and anyone who knows me, knows I love red velvet cake!
Of course, I had to go for the cutesy pink one with the cherry on top that you can see there.  But of course, as well as the cupcakes being delicious, it was great company.  I enjoyed seeing a few of the folks I’d already met, and meeting a bunch of new ones.  I took my girl @lilabris with me so she could meet some of the BTUB community too.
I am also thankful for the people in my life who support me and stick by me when the black dog hits.  This week, particularly my friend Miss E (she knows who she is!) who encouraged me to go out for dinner on Friday night to lift my mood, and listened when I had a good vent.  But also the friends who commented on my last blog, or left me messages on Facebook and stuff.  It really does help!  And I know it’s not easy to have a friend who suffers depression.
I think I need to leave you all with a little more cupcake porn hey?

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Wisdom Blowing My Way

I was stuck for a topic to blog about tonight.  Mostly because the black dog (depression) has got me kind of low, and to add to that I’ve had a few shitty things happen over the past few days, which hasn’t been a nice return to work.

While I was sitting here looking at a blank screen, trying to think of something positive to write about (because I don’t really believe in depressive blogging), feeling a bit yuck and uninspired, and asking God why I keep getting kicked while I am down, my Twitter went off (through TweetDeck) and there was a tweet from one of my favourite quote sources, @iheartquotes:
“An evil man is snared by his own sin, but a righteous one can sing and be glad.” Proverbs 29:6
Oh what a beautiful quote to come to me at such a moment.  Now I don’t interpret this as “Those dirty sinners are going to hell and I’m all perfect so I can be glad.” which is what comes to mind in the most basic of interpretations.  To me this proverb means that the people who chose to behave abominably will receive exactly what they deserve, while so long as I behave with integrity and respect, I’ll be ok.  It relates to another favourite quote I have, which is:
“So long as you act with integrity, no-one can stop you from reaching your goals.”
I don’t even know the source for that one, I just saw it somewhere and loved it so much I made up a sign for my desk.
It’s just perfect that I was to hear that proverb tonight, after discovering that someone has taken credit for months and months of hard work that I have done.  I know that if I try to bring it up with anyone, I’ll just get told that I’m imagining things, or that I’m being overly emotional, or being dramatic.  It’s just not worth fighting any more.  So instead, this lovely proverb has popped up in the quotes to remind me that so long as I am the one behaving with integrity, I can hold my head up and have faith that those who behave otherwise will dig their own big holes for themselves to fall in.
I’m very thankful that I got this little piece of wisdom fall in my lap just now.

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So What’s the Problem?

I have a question.  Why are so many atheists so threatened by those with faith?  Not all of ’em, but it seems a lot of them are.

Now let me preface this before I get down to the topic.  I have faith.  It doesn’t matter what that faith is, I don’t feel the need to share it, prove it, quantify it, spread it or evangelise it.  It’s mine, I’m comfortable with it and I don’t feel threatened or bothered by other people having either a different faith or no faith.  It’s just kind of there.
It doesn’t matter to me what other people believe, that doesn’t detract from my beliefs at all, and I’m perfectly comfortable sharing the world with all other faiths and those who hold no faith.  It’s not a requirement of my belief system that everyone has to believe the same as I do.
So on to my tale…

Yesterday someone on Twitter asked an intelligent and respectful question to those who believe in God, I replied and an intelligent discussion ensued.  Then the person asked the opinion of another Twitterer, and he replied with an answer so disrespectful and dismissive, full of attitude and sarcasm.  The implication was that someone who had any kind of faith was stupid and poorly educated.
I don’t quite understand why the attitude.  Is it such a terrible thing that someone holds different belief systems to you?  Does it lessen your atheism to have someone who is not an atheist in the world.  Do you feel threatened by those who have faith?
Or is it the simple fact that so many of you feel that you’re somehow better than those who do have faith?
I feel that if I were to hold the same attitude towards atheists that so many atheists hold towards those with faith, I would be shouted down for my narrow-mindedness and conservatism.  However, it seems it’s perfectly acceptable for them to hold that very attitude.
It seems to me, that to people like the guy who made the smarmy comment, they hold themselves above those with faith.  What makes the likes of them more important than any other person on the planet?
Just some food for thought folks.

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Thankful Sunday


Since I’ve had a bit of a rough week, I’ve decided that I’m going to make Sundays “Thankful Day” on my blog.  Each Sunday, I will think back over my week and talk about a few things that I am thankful for.

So what am I thankful for this Sunday?  Let’s see…
Firstly I am thankful for my lovely friends.  As I said, I had a crappy week, and returned home on Friday feeling very blue, and quite low in the self esteem.  Within 24 hours, all my lovely friends had boosted me up and made me feel back to my normal, upbeat self.  I love you my friends!  And a special thanks to Kylie B and Kerri for their texts while I was away, you saved my life girls!
I’m also thankful that I’m financially secure and I have a nice little flat to live in.  I can’t imagine how miserable I would be if I had to rely on my family.  I’m thankful that I have abundance in my life right now, and that I can not only live comfortably but have some fun in my life.
I’m thankful for all the BrisVegas folks on Twitter who showed concern after I tweeted about being attacked at South Bank bus station on Friday.  I was really pissed that nobody offered to help me when that bastard was abusing me, and that nobody asked me if I was ok even after he left (and I had called the police).  But the Twitter community  here in BrisVegas were amazing!
And I’m thankful that my friend Trish is on the home run of her chemo, and that she’s been responding to the chemo so well.  Four more treatments lady!
So what are you thankful for?  Leave me a comment – it’ll be good for you!

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Is Everything That is Good Bad for You?

There have been articles in all the major papers around the traps over the past 24 hours, like this one from the Courier Mail.  It seem some boffin has published a paper in the Institute of Biology journal stating that social media like Facebook and Twitter are terribly dangerous for us all, and that as a result, we’re going to get cancer from it.

There was another one doing the traps a couple of days ago how a glass of red wine each day gives you a 160% higher chance of getting oral cancer.  What?

What is it with boffins who love to come out of the woodwork and do a “study” on anything that we enjoy (red wine, chocolate, sex, social media, having a snooze on a Sunday arvo) and then claim it’s all terribly bad for us and we’re going to get CANCER.  You have to capitalise it you know, cos it’s all very serious and if you don’t stop doing what you are doing right now, you’re going to get CANCER.
Stop it.  Seriously, whatever it is you’re doing RIGHT THIS INSTANT, stop it right now.  Or you’ll get cancer.
Now I’m getting silly aren’t I?  But I’m just a bit over there being a huge kerfuffle in the “regular” media over what’s going to give you cancer just because some boffin says so.  The thing about the red wine giving you oral cancer?  I know someone who died at 26 of oral cancer who had never had an alcoholic drink, a cigarette, sex or been on a social media site.  She was just a lovely young woman who lived a very strict Christian life.  How do you like them apples, boffins?
Won’t somebody please think of the children!!!!
Back to the social media thing, boffin Dr Sigman claims that sites like Facebook are keeping us all at home sitting in the dark talking to each other on our computers, and that’s bad.
Now I don’t know about you, but since I started getting into social media, my “real life” social life has EXPLODED.  I barely have a week where I’m not running around like a crazy woman trying to get to all of the social events, meet ups and gigs I’ve got planned.  And where have I planned these?  Facebook… Twitter… 
Here’s an example.  One Sunday morning, I was slothing about in bed.  I rolled over, picked up my mobile phone off my bedside table and sent a tweet to Twitter via text message.  That tweet was “I feel like brunch.  Toast is boring.”
Half an hour later, my mobile phone rang.  “Hi,” said a friend “I saw your tweet so I thought I could pick you up and we can go out for brunch.  I’m bored too.”  So off we went that morning to a rather lovely brunch and lots of chat and laughs together.
And that’s only one example.  I could tell  you many, many more, from big organised events like Twestival, parties and dinners and such with friends, to one on one catch ups.  Tonight I am going to a party organised almost exclusively on Facebook.  Monday I’m having lunch with a friend, we organised it on Facebook.  Tuesday night I have a dinner I’m attending that I heard about on Twitter, and taking a fellow tweeting friend with me.  And that’s just over the next four days, it goes on.
When are the boffins going to get that social media is not about social misfits sitting at home in a room lit only by their monitor, tapping away at one another.  They need to understand that social media is a tool that everyday people use to connect with each other.  And contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the young that are doing it.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been a youth.  My friends that use social media range from youths to those who are old enough to be my parent.
And I have made new friends through social media websites.  Whether it be catching up with a like minded Twitter buddy for a coffee, attending a local group meet up, or conversing with someone on Facebook from San Francisco that I intend to catch up with  next time I take a trip over to the US, social media continually brings new social contacts into my life.
One of the things I’m thinking is that we all need to let go of the idea that there is a virtual life and a real life, and that they’re two separate entities.  All of it is my real life, the same as talking to someone on the telephone is part of my real life.  Social media are tools for communication.  And people are using them to conduct their lives.  Not to hide behind so that they don’t have to live, but to enable them to live more fully.
Here’s a little food for thought for you:

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2009. It’s my aim to post at least 365 blog posts here this year. Every little bit of creativity helps me expand my skills and abilities, so I’m going to keep working at it. Even if it’s just to share a video or photo, at least one per day. Cheer me on folks, leave comments!

I don’t have my word of the day calendar here at home with me, so I will just have to use two words on some days. I took it to work so that I could share the word of the day with my colleague and friend Marlene, who is a book lover and word collector like me.

One of the great joys of New Years Day for me is cracking open all the new diaries and calendars. I love them. I’ve got a gorgeous purple one that looks like it’s coated in purple spun sugar as my personal diary. On my desk here at home is a “Cupcake a Day” calendar that my friend Janna gave me for Christmas. I have a big calendar with lovely big squares for each day so I can write stuff on there. It’s going on the wall in my room. I also have a big planner thing that came from the local MP, which I am going to cover the boring (ugly) bits with stickers and stuff. At work I have the word a day desk calendar, as well as a rather dull BCC issue diary. And a SeaWorld calendar by the desk. I love cracking open a new diary or calendar and sitting down to write birthdays and holidays and other important dates in there. Of course, I NEVER open a calendar before January 1st.

I started to watch I Am Legend today. But it got too scary so I bailed out on it. I don’t do scary movies. I went back to watching Mythbusters, which is more my bag.

Hey, wanna hear something cool? Stephen Fry is following me on Twitter. I think he found me through Girl Clumsy.

It’s bloody hot again today. 8.30pm at night and I’m still sweltering. I think I’m going to move to Canada.

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