Big 50 Volume 10: Phobias

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Now, without further ado, let’s get back to the Big 50 posts!

Phobias huh?  Well, I am definite arachnophobe.  Spiders terrify me.  You know how some people think it’s really funny to put a plastic spider in the visor of a car and scare someone?  Yeah, don’t do that to me.  Particularly not if you’re in the car with  me.  You will crash the car as a result of my panic.

Actually I really loathe that idea that it’s funny to prey on someone’s phobias and play practical jokes on them.  Phobias are not rational, nor are the reactions that people have when confronted with whatever they are phobic of.  Nobody should be induced into that kind of fear as a joke.

A friend of mine tried to cure me of my arachnophobia by taking me to the movie Arachnophobia.  I spent the entire movie in his armpit, sobbing hysterically.  Didn’t work at all.

There are a lot of phobias I don’t understand.  Like clowns or birds or  cockroaches.  I don’t understand them because those things can’t kill you.  Spiders, snakes, heights, sharks, water, all of those things can.  That doesn’t mean those phobias aren’t valid, just because they’re of things that aren’t as dangerous.

Years ago, I had another friend who was terrified of birds.  Unfortunately, I found out this fear, which he was deeply embarrassed by, when I chased him with a bantam chicken in a friend’s backyard one evening.  I was horrified to find out he was THAT terrified of birds and that I’d done something like that.  I’d never have done it if I’d known.

I don’t really have any other phobias.  I have a healthy fear of things like sharks or snakes or heights, but nothing that really sends me off the deep end like spiders do.

What is your phobia?


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Destroy them ALL!!!

I witnessed something out of my own nightmares today, only happening to someone else.

I am on the bus.  We are stopped in traffic.  There is a small black  hatchback car beside the bus.  On the roof of that car is a MASSIVE huntsman spider.  Google it, cos I ain’t gonna post a picture.  It was seriously bigger than my hand.  This was my reaction, and I was safe in the bus:
The two ladies sitting behind me had pretty much the same reaction.
While we watched in our own little bubbles of terror, the spider ran all over the car, and eventually over the passenger side window, which caused the woman sitting inside the car on the passenger side to totally freak.  It then ran down the door where she couldn’t see it, and she seemed to settle down.
However, we on the bus saw something altogether more horrifying.  The massive spider then squeezed itself in the crack of the passenger front door… INSIDE THE CAR!!
All of us on the bus near her start waving frantically and pointing and freaking out, making that scream reaction again, and she just smiles and laughs and waves at us all, completely oblivious to the massive evil creature from hell that is now crawling in to get her.
They then turned a corner away from the bus and we have no idea what happened from then.
All I can say is that I’ve twitched and freaked and been jumpy all day.  I’m a total arachnophobe.  If I had mine I’d wipe them all from existence.

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