Our New Baby: Kenmore Library

Yeah I know I haven’t blogged here in ages.  I’ve been bringing a new library into the world!  I’ve mentioned quite a bit around the traps how much work has been going into a couple of big projects we’re doing, well, I think I need to share the fruits of our labour.

Kenmore library has been in the planning for a long, long time.  It’s been burbling about for I don’t know how long, and finally this year really and truly happened.  We opened the doors to the public on Tuesday (14/12/10) and it was wonderful to finally show our new baby off.  It was also wonderful to see the lovely members of the public come in and just be delighted with their new library.  It made all the hard work and lack of sleep of the past weeks worth it.

Without any further ado, I’ve got some photos to share with you all:

Such a simple thing, made so beautiful.

New Books
I love the display units that Brandi Exhibitions put together.

It’s so good to see colour in libraries!

Reading Corner
There’s nothing like a little festive touch in a reading corner.

Public Internets
Even the public computers are laid out to look lovely.

A welcoming Junior area.

Junior PC's
With computers JUST for the kids.

Where the Wild Things Are
Makes me think of “Where the Wild Things Are”.

Junior Corner
Reading nooks make me happy (especially if they have discreet storage in them!)

YA Area
With the nicest Young Adult area, complete with X-Box station.

Leaf Shelves in YA
Including innovative and funky shelving and seating.

63" Plasma
Of course, the technology is my particular passion – which is good because AV and IT are what my part of the picture is.  Look at the size of this thing! Sports in 63″ plasma glory.

42" Plasma
Or if you prefer the news…

Meeting Room South
I am so proud of the meeting rooms. These are actually three rooms opened up to one. The technology available for the customers to use is SO sexy and simple.

Meeting Room North
With lovely kitchenettes for those events that need a cuppa and something to eat.

As you can see the old stereotypes of libraries were blown out of the water with this beautiful new library.  Lots of people worked so hard to bring this lovely, vibrant library to life and I’m so proud to have been one of them!


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