Things I Have Done Today

  1. Had a briefing meeting about installing PC’s over a coffee at 7.30am.
  2. Met with a supplier’s new manager.
  3. Explained the difference between staff and public computers.
  4. Took someone on a tour through the library site and shown them all of the technology I am responsible for making happen.
  5. Explaining why we have things like Foxtel (Pay TV), X-Boxes and HD-TV in libraries.
  6. Tried to get a new computer build created STAT.
  7. Explained why it is important for the new library to be created as a “site” in our computer system.
  8. Measured joinery ready for a cabinet to be installed.
  9. Demonstrated where cabling for Foxtel is installed through the ceiling.
  10. Tried to find out how wall decals are installed and how long it will take for them to be dry/ready so I can work around them.
  11. Learnt how a PA system works, and what kind of cabling it requires if it has to be cabled more than 15 metres.
  12. Decided where the PA system point will be.
  13. Learnt how a video intercom works.
  14. Explained to someone how a hearing loop works, and what the current Queensland law for hearing loops in public buildings entails.
  15. Learnt how to shut down COMMS boards and why I would need to do so.
  16. Decided on where Foxtel decoder boxes should be mounted.
  17. Designed an ergonomics system for an entire library.
  18. Learned what Corian is, and how you need to cut it or drill holes in it.
  19. Measured desks to sink holes for cables and bolts to go into them.
  20. Finally got to go to the ladies room and grab a drink of water.
  21. Logged on a brand new PC ready to add software and configure it.
  22. Walked away from PC to demonstrate how a desk will be set up ergonomically.
  23. Met with a Self Checkout machine supplier to show him where the new machines will go, and explained how they fit in with other furniture.
  24. Showed an electrician where power and data points were to go and explained the difference between public and staff data points.
  25. Inspected a credenza and how it fits against a wall and where it’s cabling goes.
  26. Showed someone an AV rack, explained each component in it, how it was cabled and what the man sitting in the corner near it with a laptop was doing.
  27. Demonstrated the trompe l’oeil effect of mounting projector screens with different ceiling heights.
  28. Sat down at that brand new PC again, partially installed one piece of software.
  29. Had to run and find the joinery fitter and work out when I can get joinery cut.
  30. Showed two staff how to use the payroll system.
  31. Tried to finish installing that software.
  32. Answered a phone call about ergonomics.
  33. Discussed lighting levels and acoustics.
  34. Was shown a very expensive piece of equipment and now I’ve forgotten what it does.
  35. Managed a complaint about builders leaving half eaten food (noodles) in the middle of sites for 3 days.
  36. Finally got that software installed.
  37. Called three people getting information for an electrician.
  38. Tried to start configuring the PC again.
  39. Ran downstairs to bring someone into the building site.
  40. FINALLY finished that first PC, rebooted it and logged it in ready for the staff to use!
  41. Decided it was time for a break.  Ducked downstairs to a cafe and hid in a corner for 10 minutes with a coffee and some pecan pie, just trying to get my brain back into order.
  42. Answered my phone twice.
  43. Ran back upstairs because someone was looking for me about something in the office next door to the library.
  44. Logged on a second PC to install software and configure it.
  45. Was asked for a DVD to test some equipment.  Thankfully I just HAPPENED to have one in my backpack.
  46. Hung around to watch the equipment being tested, because I’ve worked so hard to get it happening and it’s so lovely I wanted to see.
  47. The first words that came across from the DVD player from a Frasier DVD were “Is this thing on?”  Weird!
  48. Was informed a desk was the wrong design.
  49. Told informer to go away and let me think about it.
  50. Answered my phone again.  Told caller to email me whatever they needed and I’d make it happen… somehow.
  51. Went through a delivery docket with hundreds of pieces of equipment on it and worked out if every piece was there.
  52. Went and looked at desk.  It doesn’t fit.
  53. Freaked out a bit.
  54. Tried to get more software and config done on that second PC.
  55. Decided it would be a good idea to photograph everything I’m doing to document it.
  56. Ran around photographing everything.
  57. Called the boss about the stupid desk.
  58. Solved a problem with networked drives.
  59. Talked to the head builder about all the things we’re trying to get done in the next week.
  60. Tried to find the joinery dudes again.
  61. Sent my two IT techs away for the day, they’d done all they could.
  62. Decided to experiment with the desk.  Asked for volunteers, took photos of the desk with two lady librarians sitting at it.
  63. Went back to that second PC and finally got it finished.
  64. Realised that I needed to measure burly blokes on that desk.
  65. Rounded up the two tallest, broadest shouldered blokes on site and made them model for demonstrative photographs at the desk.
  66. Laughed.  A lot.
  67. Realised I was still carrying a large bolt in my pocket.
  68. Decided at 1.45pm that I was STARVING and needed some space.
  69. Went and got lunch, and was sitting in a corner sending text message photos of the desk with aforementioned burly blokes modelling to the boss when a colleague and an IT manager plonked themselves down with me.
  70. Lunch became a meeting.
  71. Went back to the site.  Gave up on trying to install software and configure PC’s.
  72. Had another run through of the AV.  The AMX programming is coming along nicely, and now the lovely motorised screens go up and down, projectors running, DVD players in, two out of three touch panels installed and looking amazing.
  73. Head builder told us they were turning the power off on us in 5 minutes.
  74. Updated the library TL on progress.
  75. Discussed further requirements with IT manager.
  76. Came home.
  77. Spent 2 hours on emails dealing with “normal” work.
  78. Realised I have to do something similar all day tomorrow.


Why the hell am I doing all of the above?

Because I love it.  I love technology.  I love working with builders and techies and tradies.  Because I run around a building site in lipstick and hot pink pigtails with all of these burly blokes and laugh and have fun despite the frustration and stress, and enjoy the ever changing task list and environment.  Because I believe in what I do, and I do it for the people of my city/community.

And because I’m bloody good at it!

PS. Operation Baldy is up to $467!!  Almost to the halfway point.  For an update, click here.


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Is this 2010 or 1910?

I shouldn’t be surprised.  I know I shouldn’t feel shock and astonishment.  But I can’t help it – when I encounter blatant chauvinistic behaviour, sexism and misogyny from a man somewhere in my life, it’s like a slap in the face that I didn’t see coming.

I am a woman who works in technology, is noticeable in my job (I have to speak to a lot of people both in my own division and various other areas every day, so a lot of people know who I am) and as you probably have noticed, is outspoken, confident and has good self esteem.  I haven’t always had it, I had to work hard to learn it, but nowdays, I’m able to speak with confidence, know where my strengths and skills are, and won’t take any bullshit.  So in a way that makes me a target for the chauvinists and misogynists out there, because I’m the thing they loathe the most.  I am not what they believe a woman should be.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate men, I don’t even believe that men in the majority are like this.  I love men.  Boy, do I love men!  But there is a section of the male population that sincerely believe that men are better/worth more than women, and these men are what ruin it for the rest of the fellas.

The most recent situation I’m dealing with, is alarmingly, from a young man.  Admittedly, it is instigated by his father, but it makes me wonder just how a young man gets to adulthood and holds these attitudes towards women.  Are paternal misogynistic attitudes able to embed that deeply into young men?  How can a young man today get through school and working life (though I’m not sure this young man actually works) holding a chauvinistic attitude?

For these men, the thought that somehow a woman has more experience at something, or a better understanding, or stronger skills is an impossibility.  If they are made uncomfortable by an intelligent, confident woman, it is because there is something wrong with HER, not them.  In my case, these men are not happy that I have rescued them in a meeting where they were losing the attention and respect of someone they are trying to convince to support them.  The thought that a woman was able to do something that they failed to, has absolutely horrified them, and they would rather fail altogether than allow a woman with the right skills and ability to read a situation and adapt to that situation to do so.

What makes it particularly sad is, when I gently asserted that this would not be allowed to happen again, the younger of the two has become insulting rather than accept that sometimes, one needs to change tactic and that god forbid, a woman is able to read a situation better than a man.  In this case, I was told that I a) don’t have the effective communication skills and b) need to discipline myself.  The irony is that those are the two very issues that these men struggled with and that I had to bail them out from.  If it wasn’t so offensive, it would be hilarious.

Of course, when challenged on his attitude, his comeback was the usual for men who don’t like a woman that challenges them – call her immature, emotional, petulant.  Oh for a dollar for every time a woman asserting herself has heard that one!  That’s the standard retort from a chauvinistic man that makes that little bell go off in a woman’s head… “Ding! Dealing with a sexist!”  Followed by some solid “mansplaining” – you know, when a man explains something to the little woman that she couldn’t possibly know without him telling her.

For women are all emotional, whining, immature, petulant, bitter when they don’t agree with a man right?  It’s only men that can be assertive, confident, passionate, forthright in these guys minds.

What has to happen in this world of ours for sexism to end?  Why, after decades of pioneering women who stand up for equality, demand respect for women, prove that women have just the same level of intelligence and skills as men, does this bullshit still happen?  How are young men coming forward with these attitudes in the year 2010?

Answers on a postcard please folks!

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I think it’s time for some fun on this blog. Something to give the haterz a rest.

I think I’m in love. Not with some bloke. Well… a little bit with some bloke. You see, I’ve rediscovered Winston. Smooshy faced, cranky, fluffy, he’ll-eat-anything Winston. He’s the most fun kitteh on the interwebs. Followed very closely by Maru, the fat Scottish Fold from Japan that likes boxes a little too much.
But you know why I really like Winston? Cos he has a cute boy who is his human. Check this out:
See? He’s a hottie. And he likes cats. No he LOVES cats. That’s adorable!
Why don’t more blokes like cats? I must admit, I never used to be a big fan of cats. But I seem to be getting more fond of them as I get older. And I find it really cute when guys like cats. Especially if they have wacky cats with lots of character like Winston:
Yeah ok, I’ll admit, I really like Winston cos his human is cute.

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