Big 50 Returns! Volume 14: Shopping

Good lord I think I have my life back!  After the past couple of months of complete chaos at work, almost nil social life and a whole lot of exhaustion, Christmas feels like it has reset my life back to one where I had time for myself, a social life and all of the things I’m passionate about, like blogging.

And the first thing I want to do is get back into the Big 50!  I know a lot of other people set it to be done in 50 days, but that was never my intention.  I just wanted to set myself 50 topics to have a go at, to keep me thinking about different topics.

So we’re kicking back in at Volume 14, which is Shopping.

Now this, THIS is a topic I really know something about.

I love shopping.  Oh how I love shopping, always have.  I’ve never got any money, never save properly, simply because I love to shop.  I figure that I have one life, and shopping makes me happy, so I’m doing whatever pleases me, so long as the bills are paid of course.

Historically, I always shopped for accessories.  Cos you know, fat girls aren’t allowed to shop for clothes.  I was always about shoes, handbags and earrings.  And books.  But since discovering fatshion blogs all over the internet, I’ve found a love of clothes shopping too.  I still have a far more limited range of stores I can buy from, but I’m finding those that work for me and I love regularly browsing their wares, both in store and online, and snaffling bargains!

I never thought I’d like online shopping.  I normally like to touch everything I’m browsing, because I’m such a texture junkie.  But I’ve found some really good online stores, like We Love Colors, Evans, The Book Depository and Yours, that I enjoy shopping with online as much as I do in brick and mortar stores.  I’d shop in them if they were brick and mortar stores local to me, but it’s great to have the online option too.

In the past I’ve been called a shopping addict, and even had it suggested that I have a “problem” or that I’m using shopping to fulfill some need.  Strangely enough, the people who made these statements were usually gamblers, or smokers, collectors of something useless, or spent all their money on some frivolous hobby.  I don’t have any other vices, work hard and pay my bills.  How is enjoying shopping hurting anyone?

One kind of shopping I don’t like is grocery shopping.  Hate it in fact.  I don’t need to buy much, but when I do, I usually try to do online grocery shopping.  I just hate pushing a trolley around supermarkets with rude people pushing me out of the way, kids screaming and running around, and bored, underpaid supermarket staff.  Not to mention lugging it all home on public transport.  Ugh!

So do you like shopping?  What kind of shopping do you like, or are there kinds you don’t like?  Do you shop online?  Tell me about your shopping experiences!


December 26, 2010. Big 50, shopping.

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