A Tribute to Neville Longbottom

Remember that kid you picked on in school?  You know the one, the little fat one from primary school that seemed such a dork.


He didn’t seem real bright, and always made a bit of a fool of himself.


Even when you guys got to high school, he was still daggy and looked funny.  You made fun of his buck teeth, and how he was such a nerd.


He never did anything mean to anyone, and he always wanted to please.  He tried hard in class but struggled with a lot of things, he just worried so much about what other people thought.  As you got older, he was always there in class, but you’d never talk to him unless you wanted something, or to make fun of him.


You girls never noticed him, or if you did it was to roll your eyes and say “As if!”  You fellas, you thought he was just hilarious to make fun of.

In the year before your senior year, you realised he was really talented in one of your classes, so you asked him to help you with homework or assignments a lot.


Then your senior year rolled around.  You came back to school after the holidays, all ready for the same old same old for your last year of school.

You got there and couldn’t believe your very eyes.  Look who was there.  That dorky kid.  Only now…










I never doubted that he’d grow up into someone special. I never doubted that he was strong, and kind, and beautiful, and brave, and had a lion-heart. I always knew he’d grow up to an amazing man. He was always there, whenever anyone needed him to do the right thing, he was there, without question. He never doubted what was the right thing to do. He never backed away from a fight, even though it terrified him. When something really difficult had to be done, he always did his best. He stood beside those that stood up to make a difference, even though most of them didn’t show him much respect.

I’ll just leave you with this shall I?


Footnote:  I can’t wait until the first movie of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out later this week.  Mostly because having read the books, I know we’re getting close to that great shining moment for Neville Longbottom, possibly my favourite character of the whole series.  I’m delighted to see that Matthew Lewis has grown into such a handsome man, because it means Neville has too.  That’s my boy!!

*I will quietly admit that I had some real struggles with how bloody attractive a man he has got – but I must say I’m thrilled to hear he is 21 now.  Lessen’s the concern of inappropriateness altogether to know he’s an adult now!  I’d already been struggling with fancying the Weasley twins for a few years now!!

November 13, 2010. Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom.


  1. mimbles replied:

    LOVE this so. very. much! 🙂

    • sleepydumpling replied:

      Isn’t Neville just the most wonderful character? I’ve adored him from the beginning.

      And how much has Matthew grown since that first film?

  2. sweetnfat replied:

    Nevelle was definitely my favorite character as well. ❤ I loved that moment (Can't remember specific details, as it's been a while), where it's explained that the whole special, magical boy thing might have been Neville in another set of circumstances. (Though, I wish I could've read that story! How I love Neville.)

    • sleepydumpling replied:

      That’s one of my favourite moments too. I’d love to read the rest of Neville’s life story. Him going on to be a much beloved professor of herbology and having some adventures despite everyone thinking him mild mannered.

  3. lisa_n replied:

    Could not BELIEVE that’s who that was when I saw that last picture yesterday. That kid had my heart from the beginning. Not so much in the motherly way anymore, tho.

  4. Jen D replied:

    Great post! I was amazed at how much some of the characters have changed. Neville is my second-favourite after Luna (and Luna was pushed into first by her perfect casting with Evanna Lynch). Neville has my favourite scene in the whole series, the scene that I find the most moving and tear-jerking, in Order of the Phoenix – with his parents in St Mungos. Every time I read that I cry. I’m tearing up now just thinking about it!

    @sweetnfat: Dumbledore explains this, briefly, at the end of Order of the Phoenix, although I’m pretty sure there’s more detail in Half-Blood Prince – I’m doing a re-read at the moment and just finished Order of the Phoenix 🙂

    • sleepydumpling replied:

      Oh, I tear up at the thought of that scene too.

      You know my favourite? Is him quietly and in a dignified manner dealing with the bodies at Hogwarts in a reprieve from battle. That’s the true Neville, a young man who just does what’s right, what needs to be done.

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