New Blog Challenge: Big 50

Well, I’ve had a few days rest from the 30 Days of Me challenge, and I’m ready to take up another one.

I can’t remember where I originally came across the 50 things blog challenge, but the link I have is one that a twitter friend did, and you can see her list in the comments.  There are lots of other versions out there though.

The general idea is to set yourself a blog challenge of 50 topics, and to do a post on each of them.  So without further ado, here are my 50 topics.

  1. Pets
  2. Swimming
  3. My favourite book
  4. My favourite movie
  5. Learning
  6. My Grandparents
  7. School
  8. My first job
  9. My current job
  10. Phobias
  11. Writing letters
  12. Music
  13. Childhood illnesses
  14. Shopping
  15. When I was a teenager
  16. My idols
  17. My first crush
  18. Moving out of home.
  19. Comfort food
  20. The first movie I saw
  21. Senses
  22. Art
  23. Friends
  24. Christmas
  25. Simple pleasures
  26. Public speaking
  27. Yuck!
  28. The spare room
  29. Shoes
  30. Birthdays
  31. Childhood friends
  32. Sex
  33. The beach
  34. Pizza
  35. Tattoos
  36. Teachers
  37. Technology
  38. Live music
  39. X-Rays
  40. Happiness
  41. Coffee
  42. Gaming
  43. Television
  44. Theatre
  45. The Colour Purple
  46. Brisbane
  47. Chores
  48. Dancing
  49. Surprises
  50. Blogging

So I’ve just randomly grabbed a bunch of keywords and things that I think I can blog about without boring you all to tears.

If you’d like to do any of these topics yourself, please do, or come up with your own 50.


October 24, 2010. Big 50, blogging, Meme.

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