30 Days of Me: Days 24 & 25

Day 24- A letter to your parents

Yeah, this one isn’t going to happen.  They’ve already received those letters, it’s why we don’t talk any more.

Day 25- What I would find in your bag

I know you’re supposed to photograph your bag and it’s content for this post.  But, my bag is kind of boring (a red Rivers backpack) and I don’t really want to unpack it just to photograph it.

It’s my day to day bag, that I take to work each day.  I do use cute handbags if I am going out, but when it comes to lugging myself and my stuff in to work and back each day, I’ve decided a backpack suits me best.  I picked up this great Rivers bag that has structure to protect a laptop at one of their sales for $8, marked down from it’s original $99!

So what can be found inside?

Well, the wallet, keys, phone thing of course.  My wallet is purple with a black cat up a tree and the moon on it.  I have a lot of keys.  My phone is an iPhone.  I also have at least 4 lipsticks at any given time, a compact mirror (pink, has a champagne glass in glitter on the front), my GoCard, a USB stick, a pen I got for Christmas last year from my boss, a couple of snagless hair ties, a compact umbrella, my hair brush, my allergy medication and emergency ventolin (which usually goes out of date with me having only used it once or twice), a packet of tissues, breath mints and antiseptic wipes.  They’re the basics.

But I also carry a Leatherman Wave multi-tool and it’s bit-kit, a USB hub, a Cat5 cable, four different allen keys, a special screw bit for security screws, two BCC name bars, some business cards, an adapter dongle for Mac to VGA, and sometimes my camera.

I also always carry two books.  My current two are Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon and Fat! So? by Marilyn Wann.

Yeah, that’s a lot to be carrying around, isn’t it?


October 11, 2010. 30 days of me, Meme.

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