30 Days of Me: Days 11 and 12

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

Ok, I explained in an earlier post on Day 3 why I wasn’t going to do this one in the meme.

So I’ll go straight on to the next one.

Day 12- How you found out about blogging and why you made one.

I can’t actually remember the first blog I ever read, it was so long ago.  I was an early adopter of the internet (mid 90’s) and was addicted right from the get go.  I think the first blogs I started reading were about Titanic.  I’ve been a Titanophile since I was in High School, and then the James Cameron film came out and I discovered that there were a lot of other people as fascinated by it as I was, all over the internet.

My first blog was in fact this one, but originally I had it on Blogger, but moved here to WordPress when I got frustrated by the clunkiness and lack of control over the comments in Blogger.  I started this blog in 2006, back when I decided to go overseas for my first trip.  I wanted some way to spur myself along, and then I needed to have a central place that people could read about my trip.  It was such fun that I decided to continue when I got home.

I then branched off into another blog, I Heart BrisVegas, which I do still blog to occasionally, about my home city.  And then when I found the Fat Acceptance movement, I got involved with blogging that over at Fat Heffalump.  Recently, I started blogging for work, on the subject of social media and technology, over at The Social Librarian.

Does that make me a blogging addict?


September 26, 2010. 30 days of me, blogging, blogs, Meme.


  1. eelt replied:

    You forgot to mention the Cysters blog!

    I haven’t read the BrisVegas one, but I have read all of the Social Librarian and many of the newer posts in Sleepydumpling and Fat Heffalump, and I can say that you write with love and intelligence.

    • sleepydumpling replied:

      Well yes! I kind of consider that one a collaborative thing, but only I am writing to it these days. I need to find some more bloggers to come over and write about non-fertility, fat friendly topics there.

      And thank you so much for your kind words.

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