30 Days of Me: Day 3

I missed this post yesterday.  I started it but got sidetracked with a few things and never got an opportunity to come back to it.  So I will just have to do two today.

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

I’m actually not going to post a picture of me and my friends here.  Not because I don’t want to, but I know so many of my friends hate having their photographs taken, or won’t allow it at all, and many wouldn’t appreciate their photos being posted to a blog.  I love my friends dearly, and while I think they are all beautiful in their own ways, I understand that feeling of being uncomfortable with photographs and being shown publicly.  I felt that way myself until just recently.

But when the day comes that they are ready and confident to share their photos with the world, I’ll be there!

However I will say that my friends are an amazing, open-hearted, fabulous lot.  They are a diverse lot too, of all ages and walks of life, and I adore them all for being just who they are.

Don’t go changing you folks, ok?


September 19, 2010. 30 days of me, Meme.

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