I was just about to go to bed, but I thought I’d look at a few more Boing Boing articles that I’d tagged to read later, when I came across a story so bizarre, and a video so shocking that I just had to share it.  Originally I was going to just post it to my Tumblr page, but when I went to add it, I realised that I just HAD to write a blog post about it!

Check this baby out:


I am still a bit freaked out by it.  Can you imagine??

However, I have some commonality with this story.

Some years ago, a guy was found living in the ceiling cavity over my flat.  I had a junkie prostitute living in the flat next door, and we had all kinds of weird things going on.  It all came to a head on Good Friday that year, when I noticed that my hard wired smoke detector wasn’t working.  I really agonised over whether or not I should call the poor overworked maintenance man to have a look at it on Good Friday, but my gut feeling told me to do so.

So I called him, and as he was at another site already, he called around a bit later to have a look, only to find the wiring ripped out of it.  He called the electrician to come out and fix it immediately (it is law that landlords must repair smoke detectors immediately in Australia) and while the electrician was tinkering around with it, he noticed that he could see the sky through my ceiling.

He and the maintenance man went up into ceiling through the manhole, to find very obvious signs of a recent inhabitant.  Not only was the wiring all torn out, there was food wrappers up there and there were holes in the ceiling down into the junkie prostitute’s flat, but about 40 roof tiles were ripped out too, leaving the ceiling cavity exposed to the elements.

It turned out that the junkie prostitute’s dealer boyfriend was living up there, hiding out from the police!

Thankfully there are no access openings inside my flat, or that of the fellow who lives on the other side, or we could have been dealing with the same thing as in the video.  Instead the opening is in a common stairwell between two of the flats.

Needless to say, the maintenance man acted quickly by calling the landlord, blocking up the access openings with 2 inch thick plywood bolted on and repaired the roof.  Eventually they were able to get rid of the junkie prostitute too.

But it was a really, really frightening discovery.

Thank God nobody was getting inside my flat like in the video above.  YIKES!


December 11, 2009. bizarre, Boing Boing, interesting stuff, videos, weirdness.


  1. triberingers replied:

    Jeez, that is a freaking terrible story, gees woman, so glad that there was no further intrustions (for what of a better word this early in the morning)in your life.

    I must confess I didn’t watch the vid as I knew it would just give me the heebies jeebies!

  2. sleepydumpling replied:

    It’s not the heebie jeebie kind, more the OMG!! kind. I was so shocked!

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