Simple Pleasures

The hot water system for my flat, and that of two of my neighbours, bit the big one on Friday night.  A rather spectacular death it was, water everywhere and lots of hissing and fizzing noises.

Since then, I’ve not had any hot water, with at least another 24 hours to go before it will be fixed, so cold showers have been the order of the day, or bathing from a bucket.  I did manage to nip down to a friends house yesterday for a shower so I could properly wash my hair, but the lack of hot water has been a real pain in the arse.

It got me thinking about the simple pleasures in life.  A hot shower and that lovely scrubbed, clean feeling afterwards is definitely one of those simple pleasures.  But there are a lot of others.

  • Fresh white bread with real butter on it.
  • Clean sheets.
  • A text message from a friend.
  • Re-reading a book that you love.
  • Fish and chips by the sea.
  • Sending a Twoosh (a tweet that is exactly 140 characters long).
  • A really good word score in a game of Scrabble.
  • Pictures of cats on the internet.  Especially Scottish Folds.
  • Finding a pair of shoes that are not only cute, but are super comfortable.
  • A good cup of coffee.
  • Finding real comments on my blogs, rather than spam or trolls.
  • Swimming on a stinking hot day.
  • Receiving a postcard in the mail.
  • Laughing until your face hurts.

These are just a few of my simple pleasures.

What are yours?



November 9, 2009. experiences, gratitude, likes, relaxing, simple pleasures.


  1. Kerri Baillie replied:

    Mmmm some of my simple pleasures are

    1. Fresh baked bread (still warm from the oven) with real butter on it
    2. My mum’s lasagna or her pea and ham soup
    3. Clean sheets – that’s a biggie – best night of the week
    4. Sitting on the floor in a toy shop with a friend sharing our delight in cute kiddie toys
    5. A good book in bed on a rainy cold day
    6. An open fire with a glass of wine after a day of walking with mates
    7. Board games with buddies
    8. A hot shower with excellent water pressure
    9. A good training session where the endorphins are released and singing the hallejuah chorus in your body
    10.LOL website guaranteed to make me giggle
    11.Great cup of coffee when you don’t expect it

    They are a just a few of my simple things in life that delight me

  2. triberingers replied:

    Oh, another great topic to get us thinking…

    Mine would be:

    *Going to bed with a book and reading almost until daybreak.
    *Talking absolute rubbish with friends or workmates.
    *A hug from my Goddaughter.
    *Having my furkids beside me while I Facebook/internet or scrap.
    *Clean sheets on the bed too.
    *A home cooked roast.
    *People remembering special and not so special occasions.

  3. sleepydumpling replied:

    Kerri – yay for number 4!

    In fact, both of your lists could be added to mine, I like the same things.

  4. Sim replied:

    All of the above plus….

    Sneaking in a (successful) game of 2 suit Spider Solitaire when meant to be working

    Beer on a Friday night after a looong week at work

    The scent of spring on the night air when out walking


    • sleepydumpling replied:

      Sounds great – can I swap the beer for a wine?

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