Happy Halloween

Two years ago today, I was in Colorado.  On my first ever overseas trip, which was three months long with a jaunt up to Canada to see one of my oldest friends, Ian.

While in Colorado, I was experiencing my first ever Halloween.  Sadly I didn’t dress up (other than to buy a top in autumn colours and a pair of skeleton earrings) but I did get to carve my first pumpkin and participate in trick or treating, by being the person who opened the door and doled out the candy to the kids.


Australians don’t really celebrate Halloween, though it’s starting to be picked up here by some people.  I’m hearing that kids are trick or treating and I’ve heard word of a few Halloween parties happening around the traps tonight.  But there is a lot of resistance to Halloween, in particular that it’s an “American thing” and that it’s just a way for shops to gouge more money out of us.

But I’d like to dispute that.  Technically it’s really a Northern Hemisphere thing, as they celebrate it in the UK and throughout Europe in various forms (as well as through South America too in various forms.)  And Halloween does not have to be expensive or about spending lots of money.  One of the most fun parts about it is making your own decorations and costumes, and a lot of people make their own candy to give out as well.

All holidays are turning into “Hallmark holidays” because we Westerners tend to be lazy and just buy something, but it’s not what the holiday is about.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had.  Carving a pumpkin is a huge amount of fun, even if it is gross.  To be honest, it’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever done.  On recounting the story of how I was so grossed out by scooping the innards out of a pumpkin, my friend Ian incredulously said “But you’ve had your hands in my kid’s shit!  How can you have trouble with a pumpkin?”  Let me tell you this.  I’ll take baby shit over pumpkin guts anyday.


Yes, this is my reaction to having my arm in a pumpkin.

It is lots of fun though, and the finished product is lovely, even if it did get stolen off the porch of the house I was staying the night of Halloween.  Bastards.


My first attempt at carving a pumpkin on the right.

That’s it lit up at the top of the post too.

Having all the kids come around trick or treating is lovely too.  Mostly they have their parents or someone hovering around the neighbourhood with them, but the kids love getting dressed up and when you open the door and there is some little tyke there in costume, they are SO cute!  I wish I’d taken photos of them all, they were adorable.  Right from babies through to pre-teens.

Some people go all out and have elaborate, expensive yard decorations, but that’s not really what Halloween is about.  Those people would find some other reason to decorate their yards, even if there weren’t festive reasons.

All in all I would LOVE to see it happen here in Australia.  I think I may start a tradition of a Halloween party or celebration of some sort myself each year.  Maybe it will catch on.


October 31, 2009. Halloween, holidays, traditions, travel, USA.

One Comment

  1. triberingers replied:

    What a great experience to have, I have to say that pumpkin ‘guts’ does look rather gross!

    You did a fantastic job on your pumpkin though.

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