Welcome to The Sleepydumpling Mark II

Yes, I’ve moved home.

Blogger was ok, but I found I wasn’t happy with the comment system over there, and the fact that I can’t block the douchebags.

So I’m giving WordPress a go.

All my old posts are here, but I couldn’t get the comments to all import.  However it seems I have the most recent comments here, and I will create a link to the old blog site, so that there is an archive.  I won’t delete anything over there, and for the first few weeks, I’m going to post reminders over there that I have a new home.

I do hope those of you who read will bear with me while I iron out any kinks in the layout and posting here.

Do let me know in the comments if there are any problems with the mechanics of this blog please.


October 22, 2009. Tags: , , , . Uncategorized.


  1. Kerri Baillie replied:

    I will follow you wherever you may goooo…..think that’s a song refrain..

  2. sleepydumpling replied:

    Thank you Ma’am! Most appreciated.

  3. Brenda replied:

    Wow nice digs!

    I’m actually thinking of migrating to WP too. Is it hard crossing over?

    • sleepydumpling replied:

      It was Brenda – WP does it all for you. You just give authorisation through blogger and say “import” and off it goes.

      And there are SOOOOOO many more features over here. Far less buggy too.

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