Somethin’ For Da Haterz…

Here are a whole bunch of photos of me. Because I’m not going to let some moron the inability to spell correctly make me feel bad about myself because he wants to call me a “fat bitch”.

Here is the photo that drew the comment:
Yep, fat bitch being eaten by a dinosaur. Cos nothing else is big enough to eat me. Rawr!
In this one, I’m drinking away my sorrows, because I just can’t cope being a fat bitch.
Look, an almost full body shot of my fat bitchness.
Zombie Me
This is me as a fat bitch zombie.
How about a recent photo. Taken yesterday, just moments after I dyed my fat bitch hair. I’d hate to be noticed, just in case someone saw how fat I was.
And here is my big fat bitch arse. Which “Edward” can kiss.
(Actually, it’s not my arse, I can’t get the camera around there to take a photo of my arse, but it kinda looks like my arse.)

If the haters think they’re going to shame me by calling me a fat bitch, or insulting me in any other way… well, let’s just say they’ve got as much chance as my arse has of ever being thin.

October 17, 2009. bitch, comments, fat, insults, photos, shame.

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