Housekeeping Announcement

Just a heads up.

It’s no more Miss Nice Girl.
If you don’t like what I got to say, fuck off. You heard me.
Nobody is forcing anybody to read my blogs or follow me on Twitter. If you are here reading my blog or Twitter to get all pissed off and criticise me, you need to perhaps look at what’s lacking in your life. You got nothing better to do than spend time reading the writing of someone you don’t like? That’s pretty sad.
I make the rules in this patch. You don’t like it, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out. If you hang around in my patch, then I reserve the right to have fun telling you in many colourful and detailed ways how you can go fuck yourself.
Now, back to our regular programming.

October 4, 2009. housekeeping, rules, warning.

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