Did I Say That?

I think it’s time to take up another blog challenge.

This one comes from the Library Nerd herself, Naomi.  She suggested that I blog about times I’ve made inappropriate comments (she is aware of my severe case of blurtitis) or that I’ve had them made to me, or heard them.  I think that’s a great idea, because I’ve heard some CRACKERS over the years.
I think the worst one anyone has ever said to me, was a woman I was having a conversation with about cosmetic surgery.  She said “Well you don’t have to worry, fat people don’t get wrinkles.”
She was actually being complimentary at the time.  The guy who was standing with us during the conversation literally choked on his coffee.
There are always the ones out of the mouths of babes too.  Kids have a real knack of just blurting out truths that are inappropriate for the time and place.  Like the four year old who raised his hand in class when I asked “Who at home has someone who smokes?”  I called on him with “Yes Daniel, who smokes at your house?” to which Daniel replied “Uncle Marty, sometimes through a billy!” (note: billy is a local slang for a bong)
Also the little girl who when I complimented her on her pretty dress, replied “Thanks, my Mummy stole it for me.” and her big brother nudged her and went “Shhhhh!”
I’m just trying to think of the worst clanger I’ve ever dropped.  I’m so used to doing it now, because I have almost no filter between my brain and my mouth (it’s a sign of honesty, I believe, got to have some positive benefit to it!) that I think I get over it when I make some kind of horrible faux pas much quicker than I used to.
I do remember announcing to a room full of my father’s golf buddies when I was a kid, the reason he had got so good at his golf game was “Cos he got the sack and plays golf all the time and hasn’t got any money for beer.”  Yeah, well done Kath!  He kicked my arse for that one!
So, now it’s your turn.  What’s the worst clanger you’ve ever let slip, or heard someone else say?  Trot out your best inappropriate comments now!

June 7, 2009. challenge post, children, embarrassment, faux pas.

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