iPhone, uPhone we all Phone

After the heat of last night’s blog post, I wanted to settle things down just a little bit tonight so that I can think about some stuff before I get back into the big meaty topics.  I blog at night after a long day at work, so I do need a wee brain rest from time to time.

So tonight, I want to talk about my shiny new iPhone, which is only two weeks old.  I am in love.  I know, I know, it’s just a gadget, but OMG it’s revolutionising my entire life!  Oh alright, maybe not that much but I am finding that it is streamlining a LOT of things for me.
It has an excellent diary/calendar function.  I just pop in the details of stuff right then and there, when I hear about it, I can set reminders and I can see it all per week or per month, whatever suits.  No more forgetting when I’ve booked to be somewhere and I can put in people’s birthdays and such too.
I have access to the internet wherever I am (pretty much anyway) with the iPhone.  Need an answer to a question?  Google it or use Wikipedia.  Need to know how much money in my bank account?  Netbanking.  Want directions?  Google maps, and the iPhone has a built in GPS, so it can find ME.  Need news?  ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  have an app, as do a lot of other news agencies.  Looking for a restaurant or cafe?  Urbanspoon will help you find one using GPS and a tool to choose your type of food, location and cost.  See something in a shop you  might like to buy?  Use Amazon (or many other apps) to get a price comparison.  Hear a song somewhere that you want to buy, or can’t work out the title/artist?  Shazam listens to it and gives you the details, plus links to it on YouTube and iTunes.  And these are just some of the useful applications you can have with your internet access.
I also love having a camera on me wherever I go, without having to lug a regular one around.  Sure, the images are not super high quality and there is no flash, but you can get plenty of happy snaps and there are lots of applications you can add to give you cool effects and filters on your photos.  You can post them online immediately, email them to friends, use them as avatars for the people in your address book.
And finally, I love having my music on the very same device.  All sorted nicely, playlists and album details, videos and catalogued.  Lovely!
Wanna hear something freaky?  I was just laying on  my bed faffing about with Google Earth on the iPhone, and it pinpointed not only my exact building, but which part of that building I was in!!  It has GPS in it, and it showed an aerial shot of my building, with a dot over that part of the house.  WOW!  Love this!
So all in all, I’m rather in love with my nifty little gadget, and all the things it can do for me.  Call me a nerd, but technology gives me happies!

May 14, 2009. gadgets, iPhone, organisation, technology.

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