Free Comic Books + Hugh Jackman!!!!!

Oh ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get any better than this.  Free comic books AND Hugh Jackman!  I was only going to do one blog post tonight, but I saw this over on Brisbane Blog and had to share!


Hoooooooo BABY!!!
I actually saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night.  I won free tickets to the MySpace “Black Curtain” premiere at the Regent Cinema in the city.  I took my friend Kylie (*waves to Kylie*) and I tell you, I found X-Men Origins: Wolverine a million shades of awesome!  Not only was Hugh Jackman so hot I think I ovulated at least half a dozen times, he’s uber-cool as Wolverine, it’s chock full of action, special effects, stunts, awesome characters, and a fast paced story.  Plus a few laughs peppered in.  Liev Schrieber is super creepy as Sabretooth, and Will.I.Am quite steals the show in a few scenes as John Wraith.  Go and see it and don’t listen to the snobs who whine that it sucked, cos it didn’t.
Anyhoo, as well as the opportunity to get Free Comic Books this Saturday May 2nd, it’s a really good cause in getting folks to read (especially younger males).  I’m quite sure if you do a Google search on Free Comic Book Day + your city, you’ll find somewhere that is participating.  For those of you in Brisbane, do go and check out the post at Brisbane Blog for details.
Now go back and watch that promo and trailer again.  Hubba hubba!

April 29, 2009. blogs, comics, hotties, Hugh Jackman, literacy, movies, reading, Wolverine.

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