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Chris Garver at the Hard Rock
Originally uploaded by Erik Voake

As you can see by my new layout, I am a bit of a tattoo fan. I decided to go with this layout because it was a bit more “me” than the pink spotty one (that was cute though).

I only have three tattoos, one of which is old and dead, and none of them are very big. Mostly because I haven’t been able to afford any really big work. But I have decided that I really want to start seriously collecting tattoos.

The ultimate for me? Getting a tattoo done by this guy, Chris Garver. I absolutely love his work, it often leaves me speechless. He seems to be able to put movement and flow into his work, it never looks like a flat picture. As far as I am concerned, Garver is the best in the business.

It helps that he’s a hottie too.

I’m saving him a spot, because one day I want this guy to tattoo me. I’m going to give him a surface, and say “Knock yourself out bro” and let him tattoo whatever he would like there.

Until then, I’m planning a few new pieces. I want a pinup of a librarian. Underneath it I want it to say “Reading is sexy.” I’ve also decided to get a rainbow lorikeet. I like them, they’re noisy and chatty and make that laughing sound, and are colourful and loud. Kind of like me. I’d also like a baby sea-dragon too. The word “Serendipity” somewhere. A tiny number 42.

Can you tell I’ve decided to really go the whole shebang with tattoos?

Do you have any tatts? If yes, what have you got and why did you get it? Do you have any planned?


April 1, 2009. art, Chris Garver, hotties, ink, layout, Miami Ink, tattoos.

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