So What’s the Problem?

I have a question.  Why are so many atheists so threatened by those with faith?  Not all of ’em, but it seems a lot of them are.

Now let me preface this before I get down to the topic.  I have faith.  It doesn’t matter what that faith is, I don’t feel the need to share it, prove it, quantify it, spread it or evangelise it.  It’s mine, I’m comfortable with it and I don’t feel threatened or bothered by other people having either a different faith or no faith.  It’s just kind of there.
It doesn’t matter to me what other people believe, that doesn’t detract from my beliefs at all, and I’m perfectly comfortable sharing the world with all other faiths and those who hold no faith.  It’s not a requirement of my belief system that everyone has to believe the same as I do.
So on to my tale…

Yesterday someone on Twitter asked an intelligent and respectful question to those who believe in God, I replied and an intelligent discussion ensued.  Then the person asked the opinion of another Twitterer, and he replied with an answer so disrespectful and dismissive, full of attitude and sarcasm.  The implication was that someone who had any kind of faith was stupid and poorly educated.
I don’t quite understand why the attitude.  Is it such a terrible thing that someone holds different belief systems to you?  Does it lessen your atheism to have someone who is not an atheist in the world.  Do you feel threatened by those who have faith?
Or is it the simple fact that so many of you feel that you’re somehow better than those who do have faith?
I feel that if I were to hold the same attitude towards atheists that so many atheists hold towards those with faith, I would be shouted down for my narrow-mindedness and conservatism.  However, it seems it’s perfectly acceptable for them to hold that very attitude.
It seems to me, that to people like the guy who made the smarmy comment, they hold themselves above those with faith.  What makes the likes of them more important than any other person on the planet?
Just some food for thought folks.

March 9, 2009. atheism, attitudes, faith, respect, thoughts, Twitter.

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