Guilty Pleasures… Or not!

Over on Adorably Distracted, a blog I read regularly, she has a little activity of listing some guilty pleasures.  I thought it was fun so I’ll have a go.  Here are some of my guilty pleasures.

1. Show tunes
I love a good show tune or musical.  I can listen to them for HOURS.  Either musical soundtracks, or just albums of show tunes.  Particular favourites of mine are Michael Feinstein (oh how that man knows how to do an American Standard), early Rosemary Clooney, Little Shop of Horrors, The most recent Disney version of Annie (with Victor Garber and the delectable Audra McDonald) and anything with Barbra Streisand in it.
2. Mythbusters
I have a big crush on Jamie Hyneman.  It’s the alpha-male thing.  And they are just so nerd-perfect.
3. Cheezels with pickled cocktail onions sitting in them.  
It’s a taste sensation people!  And it needs to be the coloured cocktail onions.  Red is best.
4. That’s Life magazine.
Ok there are a lot of bogans in it.  But it’s entertaining and I feel somewhat less dorky when I read about the bogans.
5. Furniture stores.
I am a total texture junkie, I love all the fabrics and stuff on all the furniture.  If you take me to a furniture store, it is guaranteed I will molest the furniture.
6. Stationery.
Pens, paper, diaries and journals, anything by way of stationery.
7.  Margaritas
Lemon, lime, strawberry, mango… they’re all good!
8. Diva
You know, that costume jewellery shop?  For the non-Aussies it’s a bit like Clare’s in the US.
9. Reading blogs.
I have subscribed to over 500 of them, and am happy to subscribe to more as I find them.
10.  Not feeling guilty.
I actually don’t feel guilty about any of my pleasures.  I refuse to!  If I had a pleasure that was dangerous or bothered any other person, then fair enough, but these are my pleasures and I don’t give a tinkers cuss if someone else thinks they’re nerdy or daggy.
So… what are your guilty pleasures?  What are the little things that give you a happy?

March 2, 2009. guilty pleasures, interesting stuff, likes, tastes.

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