Roses are Red…

Well another Valentine’s Day has been and gone.   *Kath waves*

This is the first Valentine’s Day since I have been conscious of the concept of Valentine’s Day that I haven’t been totally depressed.  And it’s been a single Valentine’s Day for me.  Not to mention the fact that I stayed home all day and didn’t really do anything.
It goes to show just how much more at peace with myself I am these days.  I used to measure my self worth by my status or activity on Valentine’s Day.  “I’m so pathetic, I’m single on Valentine’s Day.”  Or “Why doesn’t he show me he loves me more?  I must be horrible.”  But this year I didn’t feel that my being single and spending the day at home reflected at all on who I am.  It was nice to send a few pretty things to friends on Facebook, but otherwise, it didn’t really affect me much at all.
One thing I did notice though, was the number of people, and admittedly, almost exclusively women, complaining that their Valentine’s Day was crap because their significant other didn’t do enough for them on the day.  Didn’t acknowledge the day enough, wasn’t romantic enough.
Now don’t get me wrong, but isn’t Valentine’s Day a celebration and appreciation of love?  Or is it an excuse to get the best goodies you can?  Or the most elaborate gestures you can?
Shouldn’t it be about celebrating and appreciating that you HAVE someone to love in your life, who loves you?  Shouldn’t it be an opportunity to take some time out and spend time together?  If you’re in it for the gestures and the goodies… do you really love that person?
I’m just askin’ is all.

February 16, 2009. love, relationships, romance, self esteem, Valentine's Day.

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