Best and Worst of 2008

My friend Kathryn in Chico, CA sent me this via email for herself, so I thought I would blog it. Here are my Top and Bottom 10 things about 2008. I’ll start with the crap things so I end on a high note.

Worst of 2008

1. Trish being diagnosed with cancer
2. Being treated like crap by a man I trusted.
3. Dealing with a bully at work.
4. Working too much and playing too little.
5. Ali leaving BCCLS.
6. Seeing so many of my IT buddies suffering under their current conditions.
7. Summer.
8. Dealing with a weirdo on MySpace who went ballistic because Obama got elected and spamming me with hate.
9. Cysters United being ditched because the Forumsvibe service got shut down.
10. Christmas.

And the Best of 2008

1. Getting a promotion!
2. Buying a washing machine.
3. My friend LukeyB. He’s adorable.
4. The tail end of my trip to the US.
5. New Years Eve.
6. Wordscraper (used to be Scrabulous on Facebook) – I’m addicted!
7. The crackwhore moving out of my building.
8. Spending a weekend on the Gold Coast with Janna.
9. The Shanachies visit.
10. Gus’s coffee.

There are actually a lot more good things than bad, but I just reeled 10 off the top of my head. I had to think about the 10 bad, so that’s a positive note!


January 6, 2009. 2008, life.


  1. TribeRingers replied:

    Well, let’s hope there is nothing on the worst list 2009. Happy New Year buddy!

  2. tlcur107 replied:

    I didn’t know about the guy on myspace! That’s crazy!That’s a great list of the best things. 🙂

  3. Kath aka Sleepydumpling replied:

    It was a woman on MySpace. She was NUTS!

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