Oh Thank God it’s Friday!

It’s been a crazy busy week. With this new Web 2.0 training programme at work, which I am the technical support for, I am being run off my feet. The phone never stops ringing, and my email inbox is just chockas, all the time. I answer one, three more come in.

It is good, it means people are taking up the training and that I’m getting my teeth into something that gives me lots of challenges, but Cheese Louise, does it leave me buggered! I am so ready to just crawl into a ball tonight and not surface until Monday morning.

But then, that wouldn’t leave me with any social life, and I need a social life. As it is I’m opting to have tonight in, spend tomorrow just chilling and leave socialising for Sunday. I plan to see The Mummy with a friend and probably do lunch.

I do have a lot of things coming up though. The Brisbane City Romp is next weekend and I’m part of a team for that one. Hopefully we’ll raise some money for the Burnet Foundation and have a lot of fun doing it.

Then I’ve got a big weekend the week after that. Friday night is the “Girls Night Out” being held at the old QLD Museum, that should be a big night with friends, and then on the Sunday is the Brissie Cysters meet up. Aye caramba, what have I signed myself up for with all this stuff on? Plus I have various lunches, dinners, catch up coffees and even a breakfast scheduled in over the next fortnight. All on top of the massive workload I have at the moment.

Oh by the way, a couple of weeks ago I saw Hell Boy 2. It’s brilliant fun! I’m still saying “Ohhhh crap.”


September 12, 2008. exhaustion, movies, social life, weekends, work.

One Comment

  1. Girl Clumsy replied:

    Looking forward to the romp – hope to see you there!

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