Reminiscing – Illinois

I’ve been uploading videos to YouTube tonight. The stuff I took on my trip to the US/Canada. It’s got me reminiscing so much!

Here’s the first one I’ve uploaded…

One of the places I miss more than anything is Illinois. Simply because some of the dearest, most beautiful people I’ve ever had the fortune to come into my life are there. And I’m missing them terribly. Danny and Melissa that I stayed with. Stephanie and her adorable son Bobby. Danny and Melissa’s three dogs, Sasha, India and Loca (alias poo-breath butthead – below).

I totally connected with the Illinois crew I spent time with. I felt more at home there than any other place on my trip, and that’s really saying something because I felt quite at home at a lot of places. So much that when I was upset… I just wanted to go back to IL. When I got sick at the end of my trip and was having so much trouble organising transport… I wanted to go back to IL. And it’s lucky I did because I got REALLY sick and Melissa and Danny just took such good care of me.

I don’t miss tacos though. Danny eats almost nothing else. Tacos and other things drowning in chilli. I used to like both tacos and chilli before I spent time in Aurora IL! Danny, is that a Gar fish?

I wish I could just jet over there any time I liked. It was just Bobby’s birthday and I would have given anything to have been able to take him to Cold Stone and buy him an ice-cream, and spend some time just goofing off with him. He’s such a great kid.

I miss the way Stephanie would make me laugh so hard I would almost pee. I miss her crazy laugh. I miss how cute she is. Melissa too for that matter, they’re both two of the most disgustingly cute sisters I’ve ever met.

I miss Danny and Melissa’s dogs SOOOO much! Occasionally I find myself opening my own front door and calling them. I miss the way Sasha would do her little reverse park thing between my feet. I miss how she’d hop up on my lap and eventually I’d find myself sitting in some weird position to accommodate Her Highness (left). I don’t miss Loca’s breath, but I do miss scratching her butt with my boots, and how she would put her chin on my lap and just look up at me in adoration. I miss how India would just quietly come and sit beside me for a pat. (below)

I miss Melissa’s biscuits in egg gravy. I miss Danny’s fried cheerios. I miss Panera in Oswego where I could actually find decent coffee in the US, and they have a fantastic mushroom bisque soup served in a bread bowl. I miss Grandma’s Table, where the food is simple and wholesome and bloody delicious! I miss Krispy Kreme in Naperville. I miss Culvers, for the butter burgers.

I hope one day they can all come and visit me here in Brisbane too. Because I can’t imagine never seeing them again in my life. They mean so much to me!

Oh, and today is not only St Patrick’s Day, but it’s also my friend Megan’s birthday…


March 17, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    Kath, honey I’m sorry you’re feeling so “Illinois” sick.~Jules~

  2. Anonymous replied:

    I’m so glad to see this blog up and running again! And I miss you MORE!!! Love ya woman!

  3. Terri replied:

    I like the otter…

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