And the Beat Goes On…

Ok so my trip is over. So that doesn’t mean I can’t keep blogging right? After all, LIFE is a big adventure right?

So… well… don’t you hate when you start to blog and nothing comes to you?? Normally you can’t shut me up, but sometimes when I sit down to actually write something, nothing comes out. It’s kind of frustrating.
Ok, today is the local elections for Brisbane. So we’re deciding who we’re going to let run Brisbane for the next four years. Do we keep things as they are, a split team (Liberal Lord Mayor/Labor majority councillors)? Do we strengthen it towards one bias (Liberal or Labor)? Do we wipe the lot and start afresh? Do we go with one of the smaller political parties?
It affects me pretty big, because whoever is elected becomes my boss, since I’m an employee of BCC. Whatever way it goes, there are likely to be changes that affect my working life. Hopefully they will all be for the BETTER!
I have to admit, the thing that is most important to me at election time (other than having my say, but I’m very low key about my political choices) is that it’s lamington drive time!
For those of you who aren’t Aussies, a lamington is an individual sized cake. You take a square of vanilla sponge cake. You dip it in dense chocolate icing, then you roll it in dessicated coconut. EAT. SWOON. They’re a little piece of Aussie heaven. Here’s a picture of one…

Mmm… chocolatey, cakey goodness.

Thing is, I think the schools have had a stroke of genius by holding fundraisers on election days. Voting is compulsory in Australia right? So we all have to go. And of course, polling booths are always at public schools. So here they are, with a captive audience filing onto the ground for 12 hours, everyone in the area. Why not have some kind of fundraiser since they have to give up their space for a Saturday to allow voting to happen, having all and sundry traipsing through their grounds?
Yeronga State School, which is where I go to vote, always has a lamington drive (for non-Aussies, a drive is a fundraiser), a sausage sizzle (barbecued sausages in a slice of buttered bread with a little tomato or barbecue sauce) with cold drinks (wise on a hot day) for sale and usually a raffle of some sort. The one they had today is an Easter raffle, huge big basket of Easter eggs.
Well, I found something to blog about after all. I’ll be back, don’t worry!

March 15, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. TribeRingers replied:

    Well I hope your new boss is acceptable and if they do make any changes they are for the better.We went and voted today too – had no idea about any of the candidates for council or mayor as we have only been here a short time…Hmm, I feel in the mood for a lamington now…

  2. Queen Etherea replied:

    those chocolate cakes sound divine!!! i want one. it’s girl scout season in sf, but your treats sound better than mine.

  3. Kerri replied:

    Yay you blogged, I have been reliably checking for updates but I leave it a couple of days and you blog for Britain, much to catch up upon! Keep it up girl, love living vicariouslyLove Kerri

  4. VivC replied:

    Mandatory voting…I had no idea! At any rate, at least the thought of the yummy goodies gets you through it!

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