Chico, California… A Real Town!

Yes, I’ve safely arrived in Chico, California. What a charming little place (population of about 100,000) and what charming people these are. Kathryn, her hubby Richard and son David. Lovely folks and I wish I could extend my trip here.

Spent yesterday just having a look around the downtown part of Chico, and it’s a real town. Shops, the campus, restaurants, bakery, boutiques, a community radio station, cinema etc – all in real buildings on real streets. The first place I have been that isn’t all big boxes with a dying town attached to the side. It’s good to see that smaller towns can survive, even if it is probably only because of the University that keeps them going.

Tomorrow I am off to San Francisco (via Sacramento) for a few days to spend with Jacquelline. Won’t have internet access, so you won’t hear from me until I’m in Florida on the weekend. Staying in a hotel in San Francisco and doing lots of touristy things, I am sure. Looking forward to a tour of Alcatraz at least.


December 5, 2007. Uncategorized.

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  1. Kaytie M. Lee replied:

    Ah…all your BC and Oregon pictures make me homesick. 🙂 Seems as if you’re still having fun! That’s great!

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