And She Shops On!

Yes, I have indulged in some more retail therapy today. Missy took me to her local mall, which is now owned by Westfield – Aussie company. Went a bit nuts at Bath and Body Works, have had a bit of an obsession for their stuff for a few years now, thanks to penpals and friends sending me stuff. Restocked on MY perfume (I may be the only person in Australia that wears it – it only comes out at Christmas time over here and I stock up for a year every Christmas) and some other goodies. It’s the kind of shop that a scent junkie like me can go into overload at.

Then Missy took me to a beautiful silver shop called Sterling Works, where I completely fell in love with a silver and aquamarine bracelet. I had been given some money for my birthday, which I had put aside to buy myself something special, so that was it, one aquamarine and silver bracelet for me. Here it is:

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It’s just GORGEOUS! And since they were offering half price for the second purchase, I picked up the matching earrings:

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I feel so spoiled!

Gave Danny and Missy a taste of a musk lifesaver today. Missy spat hers out. Danny ate his but he said it was like eating soap or hand wash! I’m not complaining, all the more for me. I wonder how they’ll go with Vegemite?


November 6, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Kaytie M. Lee replied:

    So you’re still having fun, eh? I thought about you all last week–there was an influx of Aussies on holiday in San Diego. 🙂 It has made me want to go back to Australia.

  2. Amy replied:

    Eew! Musk! It’s like eating perfumed sweat. I’ll take Vegemite over musk any day.That bracelet is beautiful. It’s great you got something nice for yourself. You deserve it!

  3. charmedkat replied:

    Hi KathSorry it has taken me so long to comment but we maxed out our usage in 2 weeks! Yikes!!!Anyhoo, glad you made it safely and it sounds like you are having a great time.Keep up the blogs.Cheers, Kat

  4. smurfie replied:

    Vegemite MUST be banned, based on smell alone!XOXOXOXO

  5. Aly replied:

    What all did you get at Bath and Body works?

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