50 Sleeps and Counting

Ten days since the last blog? It’s passing so quickly at the moment!

Well everything is progressing just nicely. I’ve got all the “official” stuff sorted, so I’m all set to go. The boss has approved my leave (13 weeks at half pay, sweet!), the passport has been picked up (ugly, ugly photo, but that is normal isn’t it?), the finances have been arranged, we’re all groovy.

I’m starting to get REALLY excited about it all now. I mean there has always been a level of excitement, but I can feel it building and growing now. I don’t feel as nervous as I did, I just want to get over there and be seeing and doing all the stuff I keep talking about.

Constantly I am amazed at the enthusiasm, encouragement, generosity and goodwill of all of the lovely people who are so keen for me to visit them while I am on this trip. The cysterhood have been AMAZING, their excitement has carried me through the times where I’ve been cranky about something not happening as easily as I think it should, the boring bits, and the scaredy moments where I think of the magnitude of what I’m doing. Other friends have been fabulous too, from being keen to plan things with me, or just telling me they can’t wait to see me. It’s warmed this old girl’s heart.

I’m currently trying to decide what two books to take with me at the beginning. I am only taking two novels (I already have my Lonely Planet USA guide and the Frommers Seattle that my manager gave me allocated, so two more is enough!) and I will buy any more I need over there in second hand shops or bargain tables. I think my first choice will be Bill Bryson’s “I’m A Stranger Here Myself”, as I always enjoy Bryson’s work, and it’s about him returning to the USA.

I’ve bought a very cute backpack for day use too. It’s chocolate brown leather, weather proof, cute and not at all touristy/sporty, good pockets to carry stuff, a few secret compartments, and not too big, not too small. I really wanted something that was kind of nice looking but also practical. I lucked it in finding this one.

Mostly now it’s just the wait until I leave. The agonising bit!!


September 2, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Amy replied:

    Wow, it sounds like you’re really on top of things. Cool!I had one thought–you can buy pay-as-you go cell phones here. It might come in handy. I think they’re about $30 to start–I’m not sure how many minutes come with that $30. It wouldn’t be necessary, of course, but maybe convenient.I hope there’s snow in Michigan for Christmas! We were there last year just days after Christmas and there wasn’t a single spot of white around!When you’re here, you have to have a turtle sundae and some cheese curds and a bratwurst and a brandy chaser for the full experience of Wisconsin. It sucks I’ll be in school while you’re here. I’ll work ahead as much as I can so I can have some fun when you’re here.I’m so excited for you! Have a great time.

  2. Anonymous replied:

    Hey Kath… We have a used bookstore here right near my house, and lots of other bookstores to check out too if you like! I’m so excited for your visit!~Terri

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