I Love it When A Plan Comes Together!

Well I’m back from Sydney and can start to wrap my head around the Next Big Holiday! Though of course this one will be the biggest of all time for me.

Well a bit of a plan is coming together. It’s been my intention to head to Colorado first off to spend my birthday and Halloween with Aly and Jay. From there I had no real plan. But Aly has made the suggestion that she and Jay take me down to St Louis for a bit of a cyster meet up there (and I can say “Meet me in St Louis”… they’ll all get sick of me singing the song!).

From there some of the Chicago girls have offered to pick me up and take me back to Chicago with them. I’d like to spend about a week in IL for a bit of a look around. And then head to Wisconsin to see Cindy, the Knapps and a cyster Sarah.

From WI I would love to head up to Canada to see Ian. It’s been over a decade!

And that’s the rough plan so far! From there… who knows? Of course… I AM looking for suggestions people?


October 5, 2006. Uncategorized.

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  1. Amy replied:

    Do you want to see more country stuff or more city stuff? Are you interested in hiking? Want to walk on a frozen lake? Are you going to go to the South or the Southwest at all? You should get your driver’s license before you come. America is very car-centered, and there’s a lot that’s just not accessible unless someone is driving. Naturally, we all want to come with you on your adventure, so I imagine you’ll have plenty of offers for rides. But if you’re going somewhere that none of us live, it would be better if you had the freedom that a car would give you.If you want a white Christmas, go to Canada. Global warming is real! Go north for your snow. No guarantees in Wisconsin anymore.Are there any natural areas you’ve seen that you’d like to go to? You should to go Rocky Mountain National Park when you’re in Colorado. Want a taste of the Old West? The Florida everglades? The Smoky Mountains? The giant redwoods? The world’s largest ball of twine? The Spam museum? The mustard museum? Want to go on a backstage Universal studios tour? Go to NYC? (Billy Bob Thornton says Chicago is New York without the a-holes. Not true, but funny.) Boston? DC? The bigger the city you’re in, the more likely it’s going to feel like what you see on TV. Hollywood people don’t realize there’s a whole country between LA and NY. We’re called fly-over country, and we’re what’s real. Sure, New York is exciting. But sitting on a hillside, eating a caramel apple and a sack of fresh, squeaky cheese curds while the wind blows through your hair and the sun lights up the fall leaves is pretty heavenly.Anyway, get a map of the US and start making dots.

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